Sue’s Crew release form

In It To End It Walk

I wish to participate in the Sue’s Crew-AZ Annual 30-Mile Walk. I understand the event is a potentially hazardous activity and I hereby voluntarily assume full and complete responsibility for, and the risk of, any injury or accident that may occur during my participation in the event or on event premises.

I understand that during my participation, I may be using public roads, streets, and facilities where hazards exist, and I am aware of and appreciate the risks that may result. I am also aware accidents may occur during my participation that could result in serious injury or death. My participation is voluntary with knowledge of all such risks.

I understand that by registering online through the Sue’s Crew website (, my name may be available on a list of other registrants for the public to view and make a pledge donation if they choose. My information will not be used for any reason outside of the Sue’s Crew organization.

In consideration for being permitted to participate in the Sue’s Crew event, I, for myself and my next of kin, heirs, administrators, and executors hereby agree to assume all risks and to release, hold harmless, and covenant not to Sue’s Crew-AZ or any sponsors, officials, volunteers participating clubs, communities, organizations, friends of the Sue’s Crew­ AZ organization, but not limited to the Sue’s Crew-AZ persons, including, but not limited to, personal injury, death or property damage suffered by me or others, whether such losses, liabilities, or claims be caused by falls, contact with, and/or the actions of other participants, contact with fixed or non-fixed objects, contact with animals, conditions of the event premises, negligence, or carelessness of the releases, risks not known to me or not reasonably foreseeable at this time, or otherwise.

I, on behalf of myself and my releasers, intend by the waiver and release of liability to release in advance, and to waive my rights and to discharge all of the releases from claims, losses, or liabilities I or my releasers might suffer in connection with my participation of which may hereafter accrue to me or my releasers even though that liability may arise from negligence or carelessness on the part of the releases, from dangerous or defective property or equipment owned, maintained, or controlled by them or because of their possible liability without fault. I understand and agree that this waiver and release of liability is binding on my releasers, assigns and legal representatives.

I am physically capable of completing the event. I understand that it is recommended that I discuss my participation with my primary health care provider. If I am aware of or under treatment for any physical infirmity, ailment, or illness, I have discussed the event and my participation with my medical care provider familiar with such condition and he/she has approved my participation. I acknowledge that I and I alone, am solely responsible for my personal health and safety, and the property I bring with me in connection with my participation.

I will read the event description and the rules for my participation and I will abide by all rules and regulations established by the event organizers and personnel as well as the local vehicle code. I further agree that my participation may be limited for medical or other safety related reasons. In the event of injury, accident, or illness during my participation, I consent to receive, and authorize event organizers, officials, volunteers, participants, and spectators to use their discretion in administering first aid, medical care, and/or medical treatment.

I have carefully read this waiver and release the liability and fully understand its contents and agree to all statements of understanding set forth above. I hereby represent and warrant that all information that I supply in connection with my participation, including, but not limited to, in this waiver and release of liability, is accurate and truthful.

I understand that Sue’s Crew-AZ is relying upon this waiver and release of liability and the representations made herein as a condition of my participation. I sign it of my free will without any inducement, assurance, or guarantee being made to me and intend my signature to be complete and unconditional release of liability to the greatest extent allowed by law.