Helping Hand

Sue’s Crew 30-Mile Walk & The Helping Hands Program

The American Cancer Society, working on the national level, and the Oncology Center, working to help those in our local community, perform countless good works and are indeed worthy of our past and future support. However, the face of cancer is personal. Sue’s Crew exists because of very personal experiences with this destructive disease. This is a simple truth sincerely appreciated by the members of our board of directors and our supporters. A truth that sparked the idea that perhaps this organization could do something helpful on that same personal level.

Sue’s Helping Hand was realized…

Sue’s Crew’s Board of Directors jointly decided that a portion of the donations received would be given to a person in our community who is experiencing financial hardship as a direct result of cancer. To that end, we are asking those of you who may know of such an individual to nominate them for our review. Every person struggling with cancer deserves our help. Choosing just one person out of many will not be an easy task, but it is a task we consider worthy and appropriate and central to our mission.

Help us Help. If you are aware of someone in need, or are someone, please complete the form on our Contact Us page and tell us about your nominee. Please be sensitive to the individual’s privacy—as we shall. Ask first, and please have them review the attached disclaimer.